Monday, January 7, 2013


 The girls got these hats as christmas gift from a cousin we visited ove the holidays.  She crocheted hats or knitted socks for all of her nieces and nephews.
I thought it looked simple enough - so this is what I made while we were there.  The girls love thier hats Ashlyn didn't take hers off for quite a while the first day she had it.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Rapunzel Birthday Party

Sydney decided that this year she wanted a princess birthday party with only girls, more specifically a Rapunzel birthday party.  Thank goodness that Pinterest exists - I found tons of ideas more then I needed.
Before the party pictures, here is Sydney's face painting from Kindergarten - she asked to have a rainbow face.
 The Kindergarten birthday gift this year is the blue valve that is between the two bottles.  Sydney has gold glitter, silver glitter and purple coloring in the bottle.  Once you squeeze the glitter through you can shake the bottle and make a tornando.
Here is Sydney's homemade invitations.
Some of the party decorations.
Sydney's gift she opened first thing in the morning before Kindergarten.
I love the expression on Syd's face here as she realizes what she got.
Here is her gift a Storio2 (InnoTab 2) a kid's tablet.
Here the girls as busy watching Tangled and the new preview for Tangled 2.
Here the girls had to hit Flynn with a Frying Pan against the head.  We also had Pascal noise makers, Sun necklaces, and decorated sugar cookies.
Here the girls are busy eating Rapunzels braids (pizza sticks braided together) and veggies.
Rapunezl's tower had problems standing it fell over as the kids came so it ended up a little on the short side.
Here is the group before the parents came to take their princesses home.

Happy 5th Birthday Sydney!

It's always amazing how fast the years go by.
Sydney a couple days old.
Sydney at 1 year old.
2 year old Sydney.
3rd Birthday.
Sydney at age 4.
Happy 5th Birthday Sydney! 

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Kindergarten Nicholas Adventure

In kindergarten they celebrated Nicholas as well. The kids met one afternoon after kindergarten and followed a trail of clues through the forest til they came to a christmas tree. 
Sydney is in the pink snowsuit - here are the kids finding the first clue
Ela and Sydney listening to the clue being read aloud.
Here are the kids at another clue on the way.
After an hour or so of clues and walking we found this tree and red chair in the middle of the trail.
Nicholas made a special guest appearance at the very spot we were at.
Santa is talking to Sydney and Ela here before they got their stockings.
Sydney showing off her stocking full of goodies.

Friday, December 21, 2012

St. Nicholas Day

The girls did a great job of cleaning their boots and couldn't wait to see what awaited them in thier shoes. They weren't really happy when they were told they couldn't come out of their room til we had the camera.
 Here is Sydney's reaction to seeing her boots filled with goodies.
Ashlyn's reaction is great she kept saying wow.
Sydney and her goodies.
Ashlyn and her goodies.
While getting ready for Kindergarten - there magically appeared for treats outside of the door for them.

Saturday, December 15, 2012


I went to a homemade craft exchange party the beginning of December and had 5 days to come up with something and finish it. this is what I made - A button Christmas Tree.
For our Anniversary last year I made this. This is the text to our frist dance as man and wife song -  It's your love by Faith Hill. It took a whole year before it made it up on the wall. 
This year I made this poster and it made it up on the wall on the same day.

Christmas Bakery

Sydney went with her Kindergarten class to the mall where they set up a Christmas Bakery. 
Here is what Sydney brought home from the Christmas Bakery. 
Sydney in her baking hat and her giant cookie she made.